Holiday Survival Guide

Oh, the holidays! The fun! The food! The family feuds and stressful traveling and blown budgets and. . . food. Here’s your Survival Guide from our friends at Cigna. holiday-survival-guide.pdf

Remote Workers

More than 17 million people in North America are self-employed. Still more are remote employees who have the option of working from home either part-time or full-time. Here are 5 key issues employers and home-based or self-employed workers should keep in mind: Remote employees need to check the extent of their insurance protection with their company Employers with remote employees should make sure … Read More

Change Your Clock – Change Your Battery

Mark your calendars — November 5 is Daylight Savings and we turn our clocks back 1 hour. Remember, when you change your clocks, change your smoke detector batteries. We don’t think much about smoke alarm batteries, but check out these stats: 3 out of 5 home fire deaths resulted from fires in properties without properly working smoke alarms The risk of … Read More

3 Ways to Keep Good Employees

Research shows that employees care about much more than just their paycheck. There’s a lot companies can do to foster a strong team that loves to work together. If you want happy, loyal employees consider these 3 habits of top employers: 1. Facilitate better work-life balance. Some people aren’t motivated by more money but will still get behind a positive work … Read More

OIR Issues Emergency Order Preventing Policy Cancellations/Nonrenewals

Due to the state of emergency created by Hurricane Irma, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation has issued an Emergency Order that prohibits the cancellation or nonrenewal of residential property insurance policies that cover properties damaged by Hurricane Irma for a period of 90 days.  The Emergency Order also temporarily prevents insurers from canceling or non-renewing policies in many other … Read More

PGI is Sponsoring a Classroom and Would Love Your Help

This time of the year, we usually participate in the Ryan Nece Foundation’s Family Fun Night project at Metropolitan Ministries (September 22). However, it’s been postponed due to Hurricane Irma and the immediate needs of the community. But in true Power of Giving fashion, we are pivoting our efforts and sponsoring Lee Elementary School. Unfortunately, this beautiful and historic school burned … Read More

More Than a Meal

Ed Ellsasser and his son’s, Austin and Joe along with Krystin Chiellini volunteered with the Ryan Nece Foundation at Trinity Cafe. There were over 50 volunteers who fed 300 homeless a meal at the Cafe and impacted 1000+ residents with the community cleanup around the Cafe. Trinity Cafe was founded in 2001 and has served more than 1.2 million meals with dignity, compassion, love, and respect. Meals are … Read More

Crack Your Password in 3 Seconds

Most user-generated passwords would take a skilled hacker between 3 seconds to a few minutes break. Want to see how quickly yours would go down in flames? Check it with this online tool: Making sure you and your employees know how to create strong passwords is crucial.  A strong password is: Is at least eight characters long. Does not contain your … Read More

We Are Hiring – Health Account Manager

We are growing and seeking a Health Account Manager for our Tampa office. If this position sounds like you, please send your resume to *protected email* If it sounds like someone you know, please pass it along.  

Giving Back to Those Who Give the Most (Teachers)

Can you imagine being in school and the teacher asks the class to take out their notebooks and pencils but you don’t have any? For many students, these basic school supplies are not affordable. The Hillsborough Education Foundation’s Teaching Tools Store provides free school supplies year-round to economically disadvantaged students attending Hillsborough County Public Schools designated as Title I (federal designation that signifies … Read More