We Are Hiring: Employee Benefits Account Manager

We are growing and seeking a Employee Benefits Department Manager for our Tampa office. If this position sounds like you, please send your resume to *protected email* If it sounds like someone you know, please pass it along.    

New Talent for You

How are you coping with finding new talent for your business? If you’re like most employers, it’s tough out there, isn’t it? But here are a few tips that could get you moving in the right direction: Cast the net. Interview when you don’t have a vacancy, making clear to applicants that you’re building a talent pipeline. Stay in touch with … Read More

Keep Your Mind on the Road

What would you say is the biggest cause of distracted-driving car crash deaths? You’d probably say cell phones. But you’d be wrong (they’re in second place). Almost two-thirds of death-crashes are due to letting our minds wander! You’re thinking about thousand-and-one things when suddenly… caboom!!! If this is you, or a driver in your family, mind-wandering risks can be cut … Read More

5 Sources of Extra Capital

Where do you go when you’re looking for extra working capital? Your bank, for sure, maybe one possibility. Then again, maybe not. But it’s not the only place to source extra cash to strengthen your business. For example: Factor your invoices. Improve cashflow by selling your accounts receivable to a factoring specialist. Get a loan from the US Small Business Administration (SBA). Interest rates … Read More

A Boost For Your 2018 Budget

Happy New Year! You’re probably taking stock of finances and trying to plan for the year ahead. Need some help? Try this simple approach. Calculate your net earnings for the year ahead. Add up all the big items of expenditure — groceries, mortgage, car payments and so on. Deduct this from income. (Your insurance premiums fit in here) Then deduct … Read More

5 Steps to Avoid a Robbery While on Vacation

Nobody wants to come back from vacation to discover they’ve been robbed! But if you appear to still be at home, the likelihood of being targeted is dramatically reduced. Here are 5 simple ways to cause burglars to move on when you’re away from home: Leave window blinds in their usual position, or open them. Have mail, newspapers, and packages … Read More

Top 5 Workplace Injuries

Here are the top 5 leading causes of injuries (accounting for 73% of the total cost burden) and how to prevent them: 1. Overexertion (26.8%)—To help prevent exertion accidents, implement proper training on excessive lifting, how to push and pull, and carrying in the workplace. 2. Slips and Falls (16.9%)—Make sure employees keep work areas clean and clutter-free to avoid tripping. Anti-slip flooring … Read More

The threat from within: Strategies for minimizing insider cyber attacks

There is a certain mystique around external threats to an organization. Threats that come from the outside often garner the most publicity and thus, often represent an outsized focus of an organization’s security team. But as any savvy cybersecurity professional knows, it’s often the threats that come from within that have the potential to cause the greatest damage – both … Read More

3 Ways to Keep Good Employees

Research shows that employees care about much more than just their paycheck. There’s a lot of companies can do to foster a strong team that loves to work together. If you want happy, loyal employees consider these 3 habits of top employers: 1. Facilitate better work-life balance. Some people aren’t motivated by more money but will still get behind a positive … Read More

Holiday Survival Guide

Oh, the holidays! The fun! The food! The family feuds and stressful traveling and blown budgets and. . . food. Here’s your Survival Guide from our friends at Cigna. holiday-survival-guide.pdf